Dry Eye

Dry eye is a very common condition in our consultations and is one of the main causes of chronic ocular discomfort. It occurs due to poor hydration of the ocular surface and may be due to many causes:


    • Deficit or poor tear quality because of imbalance between its components.
    • Environment (hours of computer or reading, contact lenses, air conditioners and heaters)
    • Hormonal changes in women (pregnancy, menopause)
    • Eyelid malfunction for different reasons.
    • Autoimmune diseases.
    • As a result of surgery or previous pathology of the surface, such as conjunctivitis.


There are multiple treatments to improve symptoms and therefore the quality of life of patients suffering from dry eye. Treatment should be individualized to suit the severity and causes of each patient.


Special treatment for dry eye:

    • Punctal plugs: temporarily block the tear duct to make better use of our own tears.
    • Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGF): It is a great leap forward in the treatment of severe dry eye and allows preparing a salve by taking advantage of different growth factors that exist in our blood.  It is a regenerative treatment of the ocular surface.


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