Lacrimal ducts

Normal hydration of the ocular surface requires a proper balance between the production of tears in the lacrimal glands and the evacuation thereof by the tear ducts. Tear defects or poor eyelid shape can cause dry eye.


But also a problem on the eyelids or in the “drain” passage of the eye can produce an annoying occasional or continuous tearing (epiphora)


To understand the cause of our discomfort or tearing, there is an individualized consultation and that evaluates ​​together how all the elements involved in the cycle of the tear are doing. Lacrimal production, eyelid position and flicker, conjunctiva and ocular surface and lacrimal puncta. Understanding our main problem well is the key to successful treatment.


Sometimes surgery is needed to improve the palpebral function:


    • Ectropion.
    • Entropion.
    • Tarsal strip.
    • Blepharoplasty.


To open a blocked tear duct, surgery may also be required:


    • Puntoplastias.
    • Canalículoplasty.
    • Dacryocystorhinostomy.
    • Endonasal laser surgery (assisted by an otolaryngology specialist)


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